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Games of Power [Drabble, PG, Rufus/Iason]

Title: Games of Power
Author: [ profile] sphinxofthenile
Fandom: FFVII/Ai no Kusabi
Pairing: Rufus/Iason
Rating: PG
Warning: AU
Summary: Two powerful man, two sides, one game.
Prompt: "Don't tell me you're stuck!"
A/N: Written for [ profile] _ice_lady_  


"What else?” Rufus asked as he handed the last manila folder to Tseng.
"Mr. Mink phoned that he will be late from the meeting and sends his apologies for the inconvenience.”
Rufus didn’t even bat an eyelash, just nodded and dismissed the leader of his Turks. Only when the door closed behind the man did he let out a frustrated little sigh. He had been anticipating the meeting ever since the redhaired secretary, right-hand man, chaffeur and what-not had phoned him to ask for an appointment.
He sat back in his chair, fingertips pressed together, brows slightly furrowed, features set in deep concentration.
Iason Mink. Head of the dreaded Tanaguran Syndicate ruling over the New Wutaian Empire. The one and only rival of the Shinra Electric Company.
And therefore, the greatest challenge of Rufus Shinra’s whole existence.
After a moment of hesitation he reached for his phone and dialled the all too familiar number. It was picked up after the second ring.
"Rufus.” The man’s voice could’ve probably frozen the whole of the North Sea.
"Iason.” Rufus answered with a hint of dark amusement.
"I assume you got my message.”
In his mind’s eye, Rufus could see all too clearly the face of the man, void of any emotion and perfectly beautiful like that of an angel. The ice blue eyes and the long platinum blonde hair flowing down freely to a flawlessly sculpted chest…
He felt a shiver of excitement running down his spine. It’s been too long since their last little game together…
"Quite rightly. May I inquire what delays your arrival?” He carefully kept his excitement out of his voice, his tone flat like a tabletop. Rufus was no beginner in using the mask of cold indifference. If there was anyone who could match his talent, it was the man on the other end of the line.
"The traffic conditions of your city are quite unsatisfactory.” Came the reply in an unreadable, almost bored tone, and Rufus couldn’t help but smirk a little at the subtle insult the words ’your city’ carried.
"Why, Iason, don’t tell me you are stuck in a traffic jam?” He asked, this time filling his voice with a shadow of disbelief and the same dark amusement than before.
He would’ve expected to hear there was an assassination attempt, or an earthquake, or an earthquake accompanied by a tornado, or something… But a traffic jam? He felt the corner of his lips curl upwards.
"Why not?” Came the stoic answer. "Only the weak and incompetent can’t handle the truth when they have to face it.”
Another insult, just as subtle as the previous one. Feeling the mixed heat of anger and contentment rising in his chest, after such a long time, Rufus was in his element again.
"I’ll send the chopper to pick you up. And Iason?”
"Make sure you bring Katze with you.” His voice now was the embodiement of smugness. "I’m sure he could put on a wonderful show with my redhead…”
The grunt from the other end of the line made him want to laugh, but he supressed the urge not to spoil the fun. The response clearly indicated that he managed to press a button, which knowing that the other was almost as possessive as he himself was nowhere near surprising.
No one insults him scot-free.
Knowing he managed to anger the syndicate leader, he ended the call without waiting for a reply. He had the first step of his plan completed, and it was time to move onto the second. He knew what he wanted, and one way or another, he knew he’ll have it.
He’ll have that cold, intelligent, beautiful bastard in his bed.
Once more, the game was on.