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Title: Silver and Silent
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sphinxofthenile
Fandom: FFVII - Advent Children
Pairing: Loz/Yazoo/Kadaj
Rating: PG-13
Warning: AU, non-graphic sex and angst
Summary: Kadaj is dead, but Yazoo and Loz survived. How will they cope with the loss of their little brother?
A/N: Four little drabbles written for [livejournal.com profile] _ice_lady_ . Title snatched from AFI's Silver and Cold.



Rain was falling from the heavens in cold grey stripes.

Like strands of silver hair…

Yazoo breathed in the night air smelling of water and wet concrete. The scent of rainwashed air was painfully familiar…

The scent of his silver hair…

The younger clone was grateful for the rain, because when his brother joined him, he could pretend that the droplets slowly sliding down his beautiful face came from the dark clouds above, and not from his own emerald eyes.




"Yes, Loz?”

He tried to make his voice calm and soothing as it used to be, but somehow it seemed odd to his own ears, void of something he didn’t know was there until it wasn’t.

As if with his death a part of his voice was gone, it wasn’t silk anymore, but something harder, rougher. Numb.

"Do you think he is with Mother?”

He only nodded, not trusting his new voice with the lie.


The Ghost of You

Yazoo leaned to the doorframe, wtching Loz kneeling beside one of the bikes and working on it deftly while he was whistling a little tune to himself.

Yazoo knew the melody by heart, he did even know when his brother will miss the right note.


It was always at the same point.

There was light, silvery laughter from behind, as always when the slight frown appeared on Loz’s face, but Yazoo didn’t turn.

He was getting used to the knowledge that no one was there.


Silver and Silent

Hours have passed since their lovemaking, but Yazoo still laid awake, emerald eyes peering into the grey cover of time between night and dawn.

He turned his head, looking at his brother, his silver hair tousled, white skin exposed to the light breeze coming from the open window.

It used to feel peaceful, he used to feel heavy and light at the same time, content and finally at ease...


Yazoo turned his head away and closed his eyes.

His sensitive hearing missed the quiet breathing of a third, and the room suddenly felt too silent...