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Title: Attraction
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sphinxofthenile 
Fandom: FFVII - Crisis Core
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis
Rating: PG-13
Warning: angst
Summary: Sephiroth wonders.
A/N: An entirely too addictive pairing right here.


He was so strikingly beautiful. That silken hair, the bright, Mako eyes… The lean body that moved so gracefully during our fights…
I’ve watched him kneeling before me, hand pressed to his injured shoulder, eyes fixed on the ground, and my initial worry gave place to a strange feeling.
The desire to grab him, to claim him, to dominate him; so fiery, so radiant. So strong.
No one ever could challange me with such force, no one could match my power as he did. I imagined his lips under mine, silky, hot, sweet…
My grip tightened on the hilt of Masamune. Every time I defeated him like this, he was mine, I suddenly realised, the thought warming soul and body.
And he knew it too, that’s why he avoided to look at me, to show it as it was… Oh, he had never been as good at hiding his emotions as I.
He stood up slowly, the movement graceful, but weary. He reached for his sword, and suddenly I felt the urge to defeat him again, to strike him down, to bask in his sweet defeat, but I’ve just watched him silently, well aware of the eyes on us.
Not now.
He walked past me with his usual nonchalant arrogance, but beneath that mask I could sense his hurt pride, his bitter disappointment.
I’ve watched him disappear through the door, only when he was already gone did I move. Without much thought, I hurried after him, the empty corridor faintly echoing our footsteps.
He turned around, a bitter smile on his lips. His blue eyes seemed to cut through my soul. Hidden behind cold blue, fire was burning inside, an all-consuming, dangerous inferno of conflicting emotions.
"What do you want, Sephiroth?”
I didn’t answer. There was nothing I could say. I just pinned him to the wall, hearing him hiss as his injured shoulder hit the cold metal, everything he could’ve said silenced by my mouth on his.
I was forceful, and for a moment he was completely still under my hands, but just when I considered drawing back from the one-sided kiss, he opened up and responded with a passion so ardent I’ve never even dreamt of eliciting.
His arms sneaked around my waist, he tilted his head a little to give me better access and I used the opportunity to deepen the kiss, my hand sliding to cradle the back of his head, fingers entwined in that gorgeous hair.
His lips tasted like fire, like power, hot and sweet, but the sweetest taste of all was his eagerness as he fought for dominance once again.
I wanted to kiss him until he was out of breath, see him give in and submit to me completely, but he suddenly pushed me away with surprising strength, his blue eyes burning with devilish satisfaction, he scoffed at me and walked away.
I knew better than to follow. I’ve watched as he walked towards Medical and couldn’t help the small smirk creeping to my lips.
"So it seems, there are still some things for me to find out about you… Genesis.”
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