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Title: All Souls Day
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sphinxofthenile 
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: none
Rating: PG
Warning: character death
Summary: What do the Turks do on All Souls Day?
A/N: You need to have some idea of Before Crisis to understand this.


It is like a ritual. Every year on this day, the sleek black car slowly passes the enormous gate. Cold, grey rain is dripping from the iron sky, enhancing the smell of decaying leaves and rich soil.
The car passes another gate, considerably smaller and less intimidating than the one before, and finally stops at a simple black marble gravestone.
A single back door opens on the right and a man gets out. Long, silken black hair hangs to the fur collar of his dark coat that makes him look bulkier than he actually is. The dark material highlights his golden skin and dark eyes full of hidden grief.
He holds out a hand and helps a petite blonde woman out of the car. She is wearing a winter suit and a little black hat over her hair she somehow managed to updo. In her small hand she holds a white candle.
Following her, a tall, lanky redhead emerges, also in black, the color beautifully contrasting his crimson hair that sneaks out from under his cap. He wears a checked scarf and a gloomy expression, awkwardly clutching a few red chrysanthemums in his hand.
After him comes a well-built, dark skinned man, bald head hidden by a fashionable hat, form clad in an elegant suit and a long, black wool overcoat. Eyes behind shades and face as expressionless as ever, he steps beside the redhead.
Finally, one more person emerges from the car, impeccable as always, every strand of blonde hair, every piece of clothing carefully arranged into perfection. Instead of the usual gloriously white clothes, this time he is dressed entirely in black, but that does nothing to shatter his icy, intimidating aura.
Once he is out, Tseng opens a big black umbrella and holds it over him. Then the five of them silently cover the small distance that separates them from the grave.
Every year on this day, they come to this place. They never visit any other grave, but at this one even Reno is rendered speechless. He reverently arranges the flowers in the marble vase while Rude takes the candle from Elena and lights it.
For a long time they stand there in the pouring rain to recall the strong person who had such an influence on all their lives, to express their respect and gratitude, to honor the memory of the man lying under the beautifully carved black monument.
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