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Title: Assumption 4/4
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sphinxofthenile 
Fandom: FFVII - Advent Children
Pairing: Reno/Kadaj
Rating: PG-13
Warning: angst, mentions of violance
Summary: Sometimes there is no way of making things right, but sometimes things are not as bad as they seem...
Sequel to Fallen, part 4 in the Angel in Hell arc. Song: "I'll be waiting" by Soluna.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

"Every minute of every hour,
You know I'll be waiting for you…”
It’s been two and a half years since Sephiroth’s return. Two and a half years of rebuilding and remembering. Remembering things that were and sacrifices that were made, and with that knowledge we were working hard to restore our world to its former, familiar state.
Of course there were people who believed that it was time to change things, to create something new from the destruction. Which is exactly what led to this situation. Namely, me lying on the ground with two bullets in my chest.
Fuck. I always knew I had little chance to live long enough to have a flashy office party and a nice time of peaceful retirement with a decent pension, but I never anticipated death to be so close.
I felt my blood seeping through my fingers and the hot concrete burning my face. Funnily, the wounds didn’t really hurt. Clearly I was in shock, I just couldn’t decide if it was good or not.
My thoughts were slipping away from me, and I felt too tired to chase hazy images and faint whispers. Actually, it felt quite nice to be just lying there.
If I could gather just a little more strenght, then I surely would’ve been able to get back to the chopper or get help somehow. I only needed a little more rest… Yeah, that’s right… just… a little more…
When I opened my eyes again, the world shattered into a billion pieces of vivid colors and strange shadows. I tried blinking a few times, but it only made the colors swirl and my head ache.
I tried to move, but I couldn’t decide if I managed or not before I felt a strong hand on my back. I flinched, and my breath was caught by the sudden pain cutting through me.
I thought I heard someone calling my name from far away, and the voice seemed oddly familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. Everything was hazy and my head hurt…
Suddenly I felt a smack on my cheek, it left a tingling sensation in its wake. Did someone just hit me? Curse the damn bastard to every level of hell! Even I know that it’s rude to hit a guy who is already on the ground!
And there was that insistent voice again, that commanding tone I was sure I’d heard before…
"…Reno, don’t you dare pass out!”
What the…? Wait! Tseng?
I tried to focus on his voice, relief washing through me like a giant tidal wave. Tseng was here. Here to take care of everything. To make everything all right.
He was speaking to me, but I just couldn’t make out the words anymore, his voice was growing quieter and quieter, until it disappeared in the distance…
Everything turned dark, and I started sinking.
Everything was white, and I had to blink a few times to see better. Well, it’s not like there was anything to see. Just the strange, endless whiteness.
I was just about to clear my throat and ask if anybody was there in that goddamned… thing, surrounding me like thick mist, when I heard faint laughter, the sound flowing through the air like a lively crystal clear stream.
"Huh, anybody there?” I asked a bit hesitantly, unable to see anyone. Perhaps I was just imagining things. Because clearly, there was no one around.
"So you did come after all.” The voice came again, gentle, quiet with a teasing undertone to it, and I involuntarily shruddered.
That voice…
And there he was, emerging from the whiteness like sunlight shining through the clouds. There was no mistaking that perfect face, the silver hair and the cat-like mako eyes.
I instinctly stepped back.
"You… you died!” I managed to choke out, and he chuckled again, the velvet sound sincere and soothing.
"Oh, yes.” He gave me his usual little smirk, and my heart skipped a beat. This one small, familiar gesture brought back a whirlpool of memories, and I couldn’t help but stare at him, my eyes drinking in his beauty and splendour.
He hadn’t changed at all. He was still breathtaking, captivating, radiant.
Then realisation hit me, and it hit me hard.
"If you are here, that means I’m dead, right?” I gulped. I didn’t want it to be true. While waiting for his answer, I was silently praying to all known deities that I was just high on mako and drugs, lieing in a bed somewhere in the Medical Departement and making a fool out of myself by talking nonsense in my sleep.
He smiled at me, a soft, tender expression that was so alien to his face. It was the expression of the sweet child I knew he once was, and I quickly decided I could get used to it in no time.
He stepped close, putting his arms around my neck, nuzzling my cheek. He placed light kisses on my jaw, trailing a path to my mouth.
My hands were suddenly pulling him closer, holding him tightly as if I were holding on to him for dear life. In a heartbeat we were kissing ardently, my lips devouring his with destructive need and hunger, bruising and burning.
I kissed him until we had no more air left and broke away panting, his heavenly taste still lingering in my mouth.
"I’ve been waiting so long for this.” He breathed, his lips swollen and enticingly wet.
"Is that a yes?” I panted in his ear, kissing his temple. Dead or not, it was a wonder to have him in my arms again.
His grip strenghtened painfully on my shoulder, and he let out a sad sigh.
"Not yet.” He buried his face in my neck, then suddenly looked up into my eyes. "Don’t forget me. I’ll be waiting…”
Once more, his eyes were blazing like the sun… Only this time with a different fire to them, a fire that heated but didn’t burn...
His right hand moved to rake over the long strands of my hair that escaped the hair tie while we were kissing. I took it into my own and brought it to my face, leaning into the touch and pushing my lips to his palm.
For a moment his fingers caressed my skin, then he pulled me in for another bruising kiss. But before he pulled away, he bit my lower lip so hard it started bleeding. I hissed and he pushed me away with surprising strength.
His lithe form started to fade away, as he only stood watching with pained eyes as I was sinking again, away from the opaque whiteness and away from him…
"They are waiting, Reno…”
I desperately tried to reach him, but I found myself sitting up with a cry in a white bed. It took me a few moments to take in the IV, the tubes and machines to realise I was in the Med. The door opened, and I was happy and relieved to see it was Tseng, even if my eyes were still confusedly searching for someone else.
Could it be that it was only a dream? An effect of the drugs or my wishful thinking? On the other hand, could it be real? Could it? There was nothing after the last heartbeat, was there?
Tseng stepped closer, his voice betraying concern as he spoke.
"We’ve heard your voice. Is everything all right, Reno?”
"Gee, Tseng, don’t tell me I managed to melt that icy heart of yours…” I grinned, then hissed as I felt the pain, snapping my fingers at my lips and staring with delighted disbelief at the fresh blood on my fingertips.