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Title: Your Chains
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sphinxofthenile  
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei/Gakuen Heaven
Pairing: Muraki/Oriya, Nakajima/Oriya
Rating: PG
Warning: Yami no Matsuei/Gakuen Heaven crossover, angst
Summary: Muraki disappeared in the fire two years ago...
A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] 7veilsphaedra  


Don't believe, because
The cruelty of slave-traders
Has seen in me
Just a dog which
willingly dons your chain

When I cross the city ---
this hypocrite, your city ---
my mind,
which passes through both of you,
is an insult at cowardice

You will find again
the most splendid possession
is a moment of sun above us
in search of you.


He stands in the bright afternoon sun, letting the light warm his fair skin, the breeze toying with the dark silk of his hair. The smell of the city fills his nostrils, an intoxicating mixture of wealth and misery, lust and despair.
This is his city, the city of his beloved.
Somewhere a child laughs, and the golden sound leaves a bittersweet taste on his tongue. Memories rise up from his heart, and once more the past is laughing at him mockingly.
He closes his eyes for a moment, long, dark lashes, the type women would kill for are shadowing amber irises. It’s been two years now, but it still pains him to remember his loss.
Suddenly a familiar sight catches his attention. At the entrance of a nearby cafeteria stands three radiant young men. One of them is beautiful beyond words, like a porcelain doll with long, strawberry blonde hair and green eyes sparkling with intelligence. He is holding hands with a tall, dark-haired man with smoky blue eyes and an overly confident, charming smile.
But his attention is entirely focused on the third with the long, golden cascade of hair. Of course, he recognises all of them, him too, but still, he can’t avert his eyes. In his mind’s eye, he sees the maddening flitting of another’s wavy blonde hair, a bit longer, a bit lighter in color and soft to the touch like the petals of blood red roses…
This young man loves him in the same romantic way as the one in his tormenting memories. He calls him ’darling’, and Oriya doesn’t know if he should draw his weapon or laugh at being adressed like that.
He feels sorry for the green-eyed blonde, but he can’t help the fact that their paths just weren’t meant to run together, like it had been his fate with the honey-eyed angel who still keeps haunting his mind.
It’s been two years since Kyoto… Two years since he lost both of them. His beloved and his guardian angel.
Desperate fingers weaving through golden locks before the angel of death disappears with a final farewell.
He feels possessive arms sneaking around his waist, and he leans into the strong body behind him. For a moment it feels like he’s back in the old days in the arms of his beloved, but the deep voice whispering in his ear lacks the caressing silkiness of Muraki’s tone.
The young man standing behind him resembles him though. Even if his hair is dark blue like the midnight summer sky and his eyes behind his spectacles are colored in the shade of the purest sapphires, there is something disturbingly akin to his beloved in him, and Oriya lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.
How strange that now that you are gone I’m willingly wearing the chains you’ve put on me, when once all I wanted was to free myself from your tainted spell…

Hot lips seal his, a shallow replacement of soul-binding kisses that once were, but after a moment of hesitation so brief it’s barely there, he lets himself be lost in the sensation.
Neither of them feels the eyes staring at them, silver eyes burning with amusement and hunger…
My beautiful doll… Time to remind you who is the one really holding those chains, ne?