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Title: Surprise
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sphinxofthenile
Fandom: FFVII - Advent Children
Pairing: Loz/Yazoo/Kadaj
Rating: PG
Warning: crack
Summary: Loz is in for a surprise.
A/N: Birthday gift for [livejournal.com profile] _ice_lady_ . Beta read by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] lightrobber


Loz walked into the mansion and dropped himself onto the couch tiredly. Tilting his head back he rested for a moment, then his bright Mako eyes darted open. Something wasn’t right.

No-one greeted him. No „Hi, Loz!” or „Where had you been for so long?” The house was void of Kadaj’s scorning, youthful voice. And Yazoo didn’t sit at the huge French window toying with Velvet Nightmare as it was his habit. The abscence of his quiet presence unnerved Loz.

He got up and went to the kitchen. Maybe they were having dinner and didn’t hear him enter. However, the moment the thought crossed his mind he knew he was wrong. Their hearing was far better than that of an ordinary man, and one should’ve been deaf not to hear his bike’s rumble.

They would’ve heard him indeed.

He started towards the stairs, listening keenly to any sound, now admittedly getting a bit worried. His fears were only strengthened when he suddenly heard a muffled cry of pain. He drew his weapon and slowly continued upstairs, fully knowing that if something was wrong, running blindly into it would only make it worse.

He was close to the top of the stairs when he heard the cry again, this time a bit clearer than before.


His eyes widened with surprise. He felt the urge to run and look for him, but he didn’t. His hands curled into fists, but he waited, trying to determine which corridor to follow. Hushed whispers reached him, the voice unrecognisable, but definitely male.

Left corridor. But he dutifully stopped at each room to check if they were unoccupied. A surprise back attack would do no good, he kept reminding himself. As he approached the room that was in the best condition and therefore served as a bedroom for the three of them, a sudden outburst froze him on his tracks.

„Owww! Stop it, Kadaj!”

Stunned, Loz waited in silence. This time he could make out the other voice too, replying in a dangerously silky, soothing purr.

„You know how much I love doing this, Yazoo, now don’t you?”

„You and your perversions!” moaned the other a little resignated, but he suddenly cried out in pain again.

„Owww! It hurts, you bastard!”

Loz stood in utter confusion. Sometimes Kadaj did slap them or hit them in his rage, when his eyes narrowed into slits and his voice wasn’t his own. True. But he never hurt them in cold blood. Never.

But the voices coming from the room made that knowledge questionable. Kadaj could be really, really scary when he was angry, but his current unexpected behaviour frightened Loz even more.

It was never a good thing to be near their little brother when he was in a bad mood, and Loz hesitated.

Another cry was emitted by Yazoo, and Loz flinched. But he still didn’t move any closer. Kadaj’s furious voice came out in a low hiss, stinging like a whiplash.

„Stop pulling away, you'll only make it worse!”

„I hate you!”

„Fine! Then I’ll just pull it all out!”

„Don’t you fucking dare!”, Yazoo growled in response.

„Then stop squirming!”

Loz couldn’t take it any longer. He knew something awful was happening, and he felt his worries outgrowing his fear. No matter what, he had to make sure that Yazoo was all right, even if that meant punishment from their little brother.